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1:1 Extension/Retraction Pulley Ratio Cascade Rigging

As we have mentioned in all of our promotional material, BWTLink believes deeply in the motto of "By the Students, For the Students”.

Naturally, we are putting significant effort into actively building a platform in encouraging students to showcase their innovative thinking to solve the problems of yesterday in creative, intuitive, and simple ways. To encourage such pioneered means of problem-solving, we have created our very own innovation award, titled "Visionary Excellence Award”. The hope is that students with new, creative ideas come to us, making use of our foundation to highlight individual student achievement and to further add options towards the competitive robotics market. On top of the award itself, we are always willing to use our resources to help make student-designed products into a reality!

Commonly viewed as a hassle or nuisance to put together and maintain through competition, Albert Lu took significant strides in increasing the simplicity, compactness, and overall accessibility for such cascade slides.

Excellent Features Implemented:
  • 1:1 Extension/Retraction Pulley Ratio (watch the video at the bottom of this page to see how Albert wires and implements this)
  • The Simplest String Ending Tightenning
    Three Solutions:
    A. use Clove Hitch knot to tight the end of the string with the holes on the top of the BWTLink pulley module.
    B. Thread the holes of the top of the BWTLink pulley mudule as M2.5 or M3 hole and then use M2.5 or M3 screw with washer to tight the end of the string.
    C. Use pulley module's fastening screw to tight the end of the string.

We are super excited to grant our Visionary Excellence Award to Albert Lu to properly recognize him for his ingenuity and brilliance. On behalf of all of us here at BWTLink, Congratulations!

CTO Erik Ma presents the certificate to Albert Lu

Albert Lu presents his implementation at seminar

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